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Duckie L’Orange performance artist
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Duckie L’Orange performance artist

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Duckie L’Orange is a Berlin based performance artist with a twist.She does weird and wacky interactive performances for kids, and equally wacky but significantly dirtier shows for adults. She’s been all around town like a hipster on a vintage bicycle – from performing at the Sydney Opera House Kids & Families, barking in a steam punk carnival with Antigua i Barbuda at Sydney Festival, telling stories at the Au Chat Noir in Paris or cheeky fun with BIZARRE Bushwick in NYC.Duckie’s skills span from puppetry, children’s entertainment, burlesque, mc-ing, producing and visual arts. She likes to produce interesting events, such as the hugely successful Sydney Fringe Festival Mystery Bus, spoken word events for Word Travels, and arts activities at Skyvillage Festival. She also runs Umbrella Theatre Company with a bunch of other puppetry babes.
D- 10179 Berlin Berlin • |
Duckie L’Orange • 030--- • Schillingstraße 31
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